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Supported Employment Program

Our Supported employment Program provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to obtain and retain competitive employment in the community.  It is the philosophy of Pleasantview Industries that the client should become fully integrated into the work environment, not just vocationally but socially as well.

Supported Employment is a cost-effective and rewarding way to find and utilize competent employees who guarantee the job will be done efficiently.

Supported Employment Program: Who We Are

In Order To Qualify For This Program  Potential Clients Must Meet The Following Requirements..

Must Have Work Or Volunteer Experience

Must Know How To Use Public Transportation (Access, Dial A Ride, Uber, Lyft....ETC)

Must Be Able To Multitask, Problem Solve, and Focus 

Must Have High School Diploma

Must Be Able Too Work Safely and Communicate Personal Needs

Must Be Coachable and A Good Team Player

If they meet the requirements below then they are qualified for the Supported Employment Program and will receive a Job Coach which will help them for the first few months and then will check on them periodically to make sure everything is going well with them and their employer.

However, if they don't meet one or more of the requirements we would suggest our Community Integration Program.

Supported Employment Program: What We Do

How To Get Started?

Contact Your Regional Center Service Coordinator 

Let them know that you want to work !

Ask For A Referral Packet

Ask them to send the packet to our Supported Employment Coordinator

Prepare For The First Meeting

Bring a resume or a list of your experiences and trainings

Supported Employment Program: List
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