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Supported Employment Services

Supported Employment Services provides individuals who either have or want to obtain competitive, integrated employment positions. This means the position must be paid at the same rate of pay as another non disabled person doing the same job for the same employer and allows them to work alongside their non disabled peers and coworkers. 

Who benefits from the Supported Employment Program?

The individuals who benefit from the services of the Supported Employment generally must have

Vocational experience

Individuals who have some work experience or consistent, positive volunteer experience may be most appropriate for the Supported Employment Program.

Desire to work

Individuals who are interested in the Supported Employment Program must express a desire for work and displays the building blocks for working independently.


Individuals who would best match with Supported Employment Services must be able to independently perform tasks independently in their personal life and self direct. It is worth noting that if they are unable to meet this expectation, they can successfully work and may benefit from another program.

What Supported Employment Services are. And what they are not.


Ongoing support

Supported Employment is a service for individuals who need support on the job due to the impact of the disability; we are not a job agency. We engage in the job development process to identify employment followed by job coaching to ensure a successful job placement. Services are provided as needed and this is established in a collaborative discussion between the client and the program coordinator and may be discontinued when both parties agree there is no identified need. 



Supported employment is dedicated to the partnerships we have with the individuals we serve and the businesses who employ them. Without ensuring the satisfaction of both the client employee and employer, success in employment as well as future opportunities will be limited. 


Support for accommodation

Many times, simply having the support of the job coach is the only accommodation individuals require to effectively perform the job. Regardless of disability, individuals must be able to meet the expectation of the position (i.e. job description) with this support. If other accommodations due to the impact of the disability are necessary, clients should communicate the deficits with their job coach so further discussions about any additional accommodations needed can be initiated. 

What you can do today to prepare for Supported Employment Services.

How to get started?


Contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator and let them know you want to work. Ask them to include this in your IPP report. 


Ask your Regional Center Service Coordinator to send a referral packet to the SEP coordinator. 


Begin preparing for work by creating a resume, gathering all of the information you will need for applications and begin identifying jobs you might want.


Meet with the Supported Employment Coordinator to determine if this program is right for you. 


Work with the Program Coordinator to open your case with Department of Rehabilitation. Be sure to sign any paperwork you receive from DOR immediately.

Danae Saco Gilbert

Supported Employment Program Coordinator

Danae has been at the helm of the Supported Employment Program since early 2022. She has been part of the Pleasantview team since 2018, when she was hired as a job coach. 

Danae can be reached at and packets can be forwarded to


We are the Supported Employment Program Direct Services Professional team.

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