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Senior Program

Many individuals with developmental disabilities who have worked throughout their adult life are used to the busyness of life and have difficulty transitioning into retirement. Most program options available are site based and sedentary. Our program seeks to offer to clients opportunities that mirror the lives of non disabled retirees in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Senior Services

In an effort to both mirror the lives of non disabled retirees and create community relationships, the participants in this program will utilize a variety of senior services available in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

Senior Computer Class
Game of Chess

Social and Recreational

Retired workers are often used to the interactions they had in the work world and often become isolated in retirement. Our program offers clients an opportunity to participate in interactive social and recreational activities that will keep their minds, and bodies, engaged.

Living life

While this program is supported by our Community Integration Program team, which focuses on vocational skill development, the team has the ability to engage in more casual activities while remaining purposeful.

Fun with Video Game

Our Team

This program is nested under our Community Integration Program so you will see many of the same faces here as you will with our programs for workers and future workers. 

Cindy Fernandez

Community Integration Program Coordinator

Philip Fernandez

Community Integration Program Interventionist

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