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Community Integration Program Services

The Community Integration Program supports our participants just entering the work world and those who need to refine their vocational skills. Learn more about who we serve, what we do and how future participants can prepare today for the future. 

Who does this program serve?

Out of School

Individuals who have completed their secondary education with a certificate of completion or diploma can receive services from this program.


Individuals who need work experience, who report not being ready for work but want to build vocational skills or contribute to their community and those who want or need to build their resume would benefit from the program.

New workers

Individuals who have never worked before but show interest in work, individuals with challenging work histories (have previously been terminated from employment), or individuals who need to "fine tune" their vocational skills benefit from this program.

Opportunities to learn

Through engagement in specific activities, participants have opportunities to learn

  • vocational skills

  • social skills

  • self awareness


Volunteerism is a great way to build a resume and gain work experience. Generalizable skills are are often gained from volunteerism. 

  • interpersonal skills

  • communication skills

  • time management skills 


Community activities, both social and personal, helps build relationships, stamina and opportunities for developing skills important for work, such as self advocacy.

  • skills

  • skills

  • skills

Trial Work

Trial work opportunities allow clients to "try out" work for short periods of time to determine if they have interest in that job.

What CIP is and what it is not.

What you can do today to be prepared.


Practice Independence

Order your own food, make phone calls, practice self advocacy by sharing what you want and what you need, have good hygiene.


Vocational skills at home

Do chores, learn to sweep and wash dishes, wipe the table, do your laundry, develop routines. All of these skills will help prepare you for work. 


Follow Instructions

Everyone who works has to follow instructions- even those who have their own businesses- or the product of their work may not be successful.

Adults should practice adult skills, every day.  

Meet the Team

We are the CIP Department Leadership Team. We are the first people you will meet after receiving your referral. We look forward to meeting you. 

We are the Community Integration Program Direct Service Professional team.

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