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The Community Integration Program

This program provides community based opportunities to support participants in becoming engaged community members. Life and Vocational Skills are developed through volunteer work, community resources, work experience, and opportunities to job shadow.

Community Integration Program: Who We Are


Utilizing our community non profit partner sites, our participants have an opportunity to give back to local agencies while they build important skills necessary for future success.


Paid Internships

When participants have a desire to seek competitive employment and can benefit from on the job training, we work with local businesses to establish paid internships. Internships are ideal for those who show they are ready to work.

Community Integration Program: What We Do

Participants Will Gain

Work Experience

Environmental Awareness

Time Mangement

Soft Skills

Community Integration Program: List

Next Steps

Participants who show work readiness and express a desire for competitive integrated employment, they can be referred to the Supported Employment Program. Participants can continue to participate in the Community Integration Program pending job placement with supported employment. 

Community Integration Program: Quote
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